Local priorities 

and the influence to get things done

Listening first

Austin knows that the best outcomes are achieved by listening first and hearing everyone.

A fresh approach to politics is needed to grow jobs, educate our future generations, and secure a stable and prosperous future for our region.

Charting our own course

In a first for our community, Austin was the people’s choice. He is committed to our community — not political masters.

He is not a career politician but someone with a vision to foster opportunity and progress, allowing our communities to grow and succeed together.

Striking the right balance between environment and industry

As a local farmer, Austin will advocate for the sustainable growth of our local businesses, balanced with preserving the raw, natural beauty of the Northern Rivers. 

Delivering the services we expect

Austin knows what it takes to secure, retain and improve essential services.

He is planning for the future of your family as well as his own. He will prioritise the things that matter most, like local services, good schools and job-creating infrastructure.

Keeping our communities safe

Austin will ensure police stations are fully manned and all emergency services have the resources needed to serve their communities. 

Community policing is vital for lowering crime and helping our towns grow into places people feel safe, want to live and raise a family.